International Lens

AR Stripper

Cheaper and more convenient way to strip AR coats yourself than to pay to have it done. It only takes a minute or two and the only equipment you need is a screw-top tub and a pair of tongs.



1. Pour enough chemical into the plastic tub to cover the lens completely
2. Immerse plastic lens in the chemical, plus side downwards and leave for 20-30 seconds. This should be long enough to remove the AR without damaging the underlying hard coat for crizal and sola percepta.
3. If AR has not completely disappeared after 30 seconds, re-immerse until removed, watching all the time, as it will probably only take a few seconds longer!
4. Shake off the excess chemical
5. Rinse the lenses well under cold water and allow to dry. Do not attempt to tint until lenses have reached room temperature.


It is also possible to remove hard coats with this solution. Immerse lens in AR Stripper for 6-12 hours and this should remove most hard coats. Rinse lenses in water. Do NOT use on Trivex or Trilogy lenses. Available in 250ml bottle.