International Lens

S.T.E.P Pads

Special torque-resistant edging pads specially designed for Nidek edging machines. These new S.T.E.P pads have been designed with a 0.8mm high density foam core to provide a stronger adhesion for the new AR coats. A narrow pad useful for small frames on any edging machine.
The material allows for clean removal from both glass and plastic lenses and has finger lifts for ease.

•The larger pad is elliptical to fit the Nidek block but could be used on any other appropriate blocks/flat pads. We can also offer the small Nidek Diamond Half eye pad which fits the Nidek Half eye block.
•STEP material is also available in the classic round 24mm size. (1000 per roll)


Large Round (1000): 24mm
Small Round (1000): 18mm
Small Oval (1000): 14mm
Ellipse (1000)
Small Diamond Half Eye (1000): 14mm


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