International Lens

Surface Improvement Pads

Surface Improvement Pads are the cost effective solution to the adhesion problems posed by todays extra-slippery lens coatings. Prevent axis slip on the new slippery AR coats by using one of these SIPs on each side of the lens before placing your normal edging pad on top of it. The roll will pay for itself with one saved lens!

SIPS are supplied with a finger lift for ease of use. This avoids the possibility of operatives having to remove the pad with their fingernails.


What is it?
A thin, single sided clear film that is applied to the lens before the edging pad.

How does it work?
By increasing the area of lens surface that is masked and providing a stable surface for edging pad to stick to.

Can it be used on both sides?
YES, S.I.P will remove cleanly after edging, having protected both surfaces.

What edging pads can I use with it?
Your standard edging pads may work with it but we recommend Super Type 1 for maximum adhesion.


Small (1000): 18mm
Large (1000): 28mm
Oval (1000): 26mm