International Lens

1st Fine Pads

First Fine or One Step Pads

Black AL and 1200G Green both are precision graded, coated abrasive pads for one-step or two-step fining.

Black AL Pad
This high quality pad can be used on all types of plastic lenses and has three main advantages.
1.Excellent surface finish
2.High stock removal
3.Competitive price

It is available in grit sizes 800, 1000 and 1200.

For CR39 one-step fining we recommend Black 1000 AL, Black 1200AL or 1200 G.

For two-step fining we recommend Black 1200 AL or 1200 G Green. A special flexible backing on both results in a very fine finish. They are available as compensated and uncompensated.


Green 1200G Uncompensated

Size: 3" (76mm)
6 petals with centre hole
Pads per Roll: 1000
Grit Size: 1200 grit
Pad Thickness: 0.25mm

Green 1200G Compensated (use as a first fine or a 1-step)

Size: 3" (76mm)
6 petals centre hole
Pads per roll: 1000
Grit Size: 1200 grit
Pad Thickness: 0.45mm

Grey 1st Fine

Size: 3" (76mm)
6 petals solid centre
Pads per roll: 1000
Grit Size: 1000 grit
Pad Thickness: 0.25mm


Available in:

Grey 1st fine
1200G Compensated
1200G Uncompensated
Black AL 1000
Black 1200G
Black 800 AL