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Focus 999 Lens Polish

FOCUS 999 produces much better surfaces than image and this is particularly true on polycarbonate. The technology for the development for FOCUS 999 was based on polilens 714Y, a polish that is not only superior to image but substantially more expensive. FOCUS 999 therefore combines the advantages of a superior polish with a highly attractive price. New technology has benefited the cost as well as enhancing the product.
FOCUS 999 is an extremely good all-round polish with good stock removal of both polycarbonate and CR39. It far exceeds the competition in both surface quality and stock removal on both CR39 and polycarbonate. At £17.25 it is a market-beating polish which will outperform anything that is close to it in price.


Baume: 18-22
pH: 3.0 – 4.2
Av particle size: 1.2 – 2.2 microns
No Freezing issues

FOCUS 999 must not be mixed with any other polishes.


•High stock removal and good surface quality on CR39, polycarbonate and high index materials.
•Aggressive on polycarbonate
•Outstanding value for money