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Optisafe Lens Dye Packets

These high quality dyes are very fast and extremely long-lasting so are excellent value for money. They are environmentally friendly and do not constitute hazardous waste.

Tired of dealing with messy bottles of tint?
Packet dyes are quicker to install. Simply add the tea-bag type packet to near-boiling water and stir. Because the chemical reaction does not start until it is mixed with water, colours are more consistent than with liquid dyes and they last longer in the tank.

Each packet makes one full litre of dye. The molecular composition allows for rapid penetration of the lens surface making for successful tinting of CR39, Polycarbonate and high index.

One packet will treat over 200+ lenses to 400nm and will last the full life of the prescription.


Instructions. (Dye heating unit is needed to heat dye solutions)

1. Remove water-soluble dye packet from envelope.
2. Drop dye packet into water filled dye tank. Plastic Sachet will dissolve in 3-5 minutes.
3. Clean lenses before placing them in a lens holder.
4. Slowly stir the dye solution for a couple of seconds and then Dip Lenses into the hot dye bath using a lens holder (200˚-210˚F or 93.3-98.8˚C).
5. Remove the lenses from the dye solution and immediately dip in clean cool water. (Room temperature) for a few seconds. Dry the lens with a soft absorbent cloth or tissue.

A Digital UV/Visible Transmission Meter can be used to measure the density of tinted lenses and rate of change of density on gradient tinted lenses.


60 Second UV (C351-P)
Amazon Brown (C250-21)
Autumn Brown (C250-29)
Black (C250-09)
Blue (C250-50)
Brown (C250-32)
Brunet Brown (C250-26)
Cactus Green (C250-16)
Chocolate Brown (C250-35)
Dark Green (C250-71)
Desert Brown (C250-30)
Earth Brown (C250-24)
Forest Green (C250-17)
G15 (C250-15)
Green (C250-70)
Grey (C250-10)
Khaki Brown (C250-23)
Lavander (C250-80)
No Red Black (C250-01)
No Red Brown (C250-31)
No Red Grey (C250-11)
Olive Brown (C250-38)
Orange (C250-45)
Pink (C250-40)
Red (C250-47)
Teal (C250-74)
UV Formula III (C347)
Violet (C250-55)
Violet Blue (C250-52)
Yellow (C250-61)